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Many Americans enjoy traveling abroad, and while some people prefer traditional tourist destinations all over the world, others choose to visit less attractive and sometimes risky places during their vacations. Besides, some people go to places like Iran, Lebanon or Somalia as workers or for other purposes and it's impossible to forbid them visiting these places. However, when going to such risky countries you should be well aware that not all insurance companies will be willing to cover your life and you may be denied coverage if you inform them about your plans.

There are special companies that specialize in high risk travel insurance and will cover you for a higher price. However, if you have been covered previous you will still get all the benefits in case something happens to you during your travel, and you have informed the insurer about your travel plans when signing the policy.

Of course, not all countries can be classified as high risk, because there should be a combination of factors for the US State Department to list a country as a risky place for American citizens to visit. The list of such countries is updated on a regular basis and can be found at the State Department site.

And here are 15 of the most risky countries to visit, where you can have problems with your life insurance coverage:

  • Iran: This country has a political conflict with the US and there is no diplomatic support of US citizens in Iran. In some parts of the country the population is very hostile towards Americans, which can be manifested through harassment or arrest.
  • Afghanistan: This country is in the state of war and the constant danger of terrorist acts makes it one of the most unsafe countries to visit in general.
  • Kenya: High crime rates in general and risk of terrorist attacks towards Americans make Kenya a very risky country to go to. Suicide bombings, robberies and kidnappings can make your life insurance provider void the policy of you go there.
  • Eritrea: The government of this country restricts foreigners to go outside the capital of Amara because of the border tensions with neighbor countries.
  • Central African Republic: Bandits, rebels and poachers significantly raise the risk of becoming the victim of violent actions. The government is not able to provide any safety guarantees as it doesn't control the situation in the country.
  • Yemen: This country is known by its strong anti-American proclamations as well as being home to many fundamental Muslim activist groups.
  • Iraq: Despite the fact that the war is over in Iraq, everyday violence and terrorist attacks make it very dangerous to visit this country.
  • Pakistan: Numerous militant groups such as Al-Qaeda and Taliban are very active in this country. Constant clashes between these groups and the government military forces pose a real threat to visitors.
  • Sudan: Military action between the government and rebels is present all over the country. Besides, there is a high risk of violence and kidnapping.
  • Somalia: Civil unrest, crime and violence are present all over the country. The US doesn't have any diplomatic representatives in Somalia so it is unable to aid US citizens there.
  • Mauritania: Infamous terrorist group Al Qaeda has intensified its activity in this country and a part of its population has become quite hostile towards Americans.
  • Lebanon: Americans have been victims of terrorist attacks in this country.
  • Guinea: The internal situation is very unstable and high risk of violence is still present.
  • Colombia: Constant clashes between the government forces and narco-cartels make it a very unstable and violent place.
  • Nigeria: High crime rates and constant internal conflicts make it a very dangerous country for all visitors.

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