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Whenever a salesperson relies on commission to pay his own bills, there's inevitable pressure to sell the policies providing the maximum income. By coincidence, the policies most advantageous to agents have been the equity-based investment tools. During the boom years when the stock market is racing ahead, these policies are also the easiest to sell. All the agent has to do is point to the returns currently delivered by the leading stocks and swear on a stack of Bibles that this will continue until the end of the term. There's only one problem with this sales pitch. It fails to consider the possibility of volatility or, in the worst cases, recession. The result has been a disaster for the hundreds of thousands who heard the honied words and bought whole life policies. The fact the insurer could charge fees for managing the portfolio whether the investments rise or fall did not seem important until they all fell. At this point, those holding whole life policies found their cash value was reduced by losses in their investments and high fees. Yet those who were conservative and bought permanent insurance have been seeing an average of 4% returns even during the recession.

The moral of this should be obvious. Life insurance is something you plan over the long term. You should be looking for steady and sustainable growth in the value of the policy. When this is combined with the tax advantage, what looks unexciting over the first five or so years, becomes very attractive over thirty and more years when there have been periods of stock market losses. In particular, the life insurance quotes for policies offering a fixed minimum dividend should receive the closest attention. Assuming you are young, a significant part of your premium installments should go into safe investments. When you have a guaranteed minimum, any surplus income can be directed into a fund that will pay off if there's a sustained period of growth. Only by mixing your life insurance purchase in the right balance can you get security for your family.

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