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LIfe insurance and culture

A part of being human is a reluctance to think about the possibility of troubles ahead. Life is so much easier when you just drift along, always hoping something good will turn up when it's needed. The results of a recent piece of research in Britain shows this in action. If you ask the average adult whether they should think about insuring their lives, most of those in stable relationships will say yes. It's a louder yes when there are children in the family. But no matter how strongly they may say they will plan for the future, the actual percentage of those who buy insurance is very small. Indeed, the results show about 20% of those polled intend to spend on a good holiday for the family, whereas only 3% were committing themselves to buying insurance. This is so even though the average amount spent on insuring a life in the UK is about half the annual amount for a cable television package. It's the same when it comes to buying extended warranties on expensive goods. Most prefer to assume they will be happy with whatever period of use they get from the equipment and then throw it away rather than fight to recover the cost of repairs.

This is all part of a general reluctance to think about the future in negative terms. When it comes to planning for what's to happen after death, most walk away. After death, there's only one thing the British find more difficult to discuss. Sex. It's just too embarrassing. So here's the question for us on this side of the Atlantic. Do we have the same cultural problems. Do we assume that, if we die, some kindly person will come along and rescue our family from poverty? What's clear is that we are equally afraid of the economy. Although the government may be claiming a drop in the rate of unemployment, those who are out of work are less confident of their ability to find new work. Those still in work are desperate to avoid termination. So all discretionary spending is kept to a minimum. Where possible, we are reducing the amount of debt we carry. Everything else goes on the basic necessities of life. Ah, life. So death is not something we choose to think about that much. This is a difficult time and there's even less incentive to plan for what happens after we die.

Except, this failure exposes those we love to the possibility of serious financial harm. Let's be honest here. White knights riding to the rescue are quite common in feel-good fiction, but less common in the real world. You cannot count on anyone suddenly appearing and writing off your outstanding bills. So painful as it may be, it's worth sitting down in a quiet moment and thinking about the risks to those who will be left behind. A few moments on this site will give you life insurance quotes. At a glance these will tell you whether insurance is a viable option. Since the use of this site is free, you owe it to your family to get multiple quotes. You never know. Life insurance may be more affordable than you had realized and you can protect those you love.

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