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Importance of Life Insurance Quotes for Single Parents

While everyone can benefit from life coverage, it is single parents and their children who have the most to gain. Approximately 25% of U.S. children live with a single parent. Life coverage will make sure children are financially cared for in the event their primary caregiver passes away. It is common for single parents not to have this type of policy, but it is easy to get when you use life insurance quotes.

Type of Insurance to Buy

If you did not have a policy before you had children, more than likely you got so busy you never gave it another thought. That is a mistake that is easily corrected. You can get quotes from reputable insurers to find the best policy. To get an accurate quote, you will need to select the type of policy you want to buy. Many people are unnecessarily confused about this type of insurance. There are two main types of life coverage: whole life and term life. Other types are typically hybrids of these two.

Insurance agents often recommend term policies. These policies are usually more affordable and are effective for a predetermined period of time or term. You can choose the term you want which should cover the years your children are minors and possibly through the college years. There is no cash value associated with term policies so your beneficiaries only get a benefit if you die. If you are still alive at the completion of the term, the policy simply ends.

How to Find Policies

The traditional approach is to find an insurance agent and make an appointment to review policy options and costs. Using this approach exposes you to high-pressure sales tactics that can result in you buying a policy that is not in your best interest. A better way to get great coverage is to use life insurance quotes. You can get quotes from a variety of insurers to compare coverage details and premiums. If you want to save time, get quotes online.

When you get online life insurance quotes, you have the benefit of reviewing information when it is most convenient. No more setting appointments with an insurance agent and rushing to make it on time. Online resources offer several benefits. You can compare quotes from multiple insurers before choosing the policy that is right for you and your family. And you may be able to save money buying a policy online.

Next Steps

Once you find a policy you like, verify the insurer has a solid reputation. Factors to consider include customer service and policy payouts. It is also important the insurance company is financially stable which you can confirm by checking them out at Standard & Poor's. Read current and past customer reviews online so you know what to expect from the insurer.

Like most single parents, you have your hands full working and raising children. Clearly, they are your priority. You should want to know they will be taken care of if something happens to you before they are grown. You can use life insurance quotes to get coverage in place in no time. Take time out of your busy day to make sure you have sufficiently protected those you love the most!

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