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Life Insurance :: Life Insurance's Profitability Declines, Consumers Save?

The numbers are in and AIG, Allstate, Metlife, State Farm, and New York Life are not going to be happy—their industry continues to decline in profitability. This slide began in 2007 and shows no sign of letting up in 2010.

The numbers come from industry data collector and analyst SNL Financial, who showed that the industry lost over $900 million in quarter-two of 2010. Their net income, not profit, is down from this same time last year.

The bright side, the better capital and surplus numbers that are 17% higher than second-quarter 2009, are not enough to restore confidence in share-holders and brokers on Wall Street either.

However, the big shots at AIG, New York Life, etc, are still talking quite a game. They claim that the present market is an opportunity to grow stronger. They see that 2/3 of Americans are uninsured and think that they can capitalize on it. It's tempting to dismiss this as bombast meant to boost the company's stock prices. However, they are backing it up with action.

Tens of thousands of new agents are being hired this quarter. And hiring shows no signs of slowing down.

The economy scared these people away from life insurance in the first place and it certainly hasn't gotten much better, so why are they so confident?

There is a formula of sorts that is very popular among these companies. It's something along these lines: the economic crisis + tax hikes (end of tax cuts) = more customers.

If this equation doesn't quite make sense to you, that's normal. It doesn't really make sense. It is kind of optimistic, but that's good for you. We'll get to that. For now, here's another piece of information that might make sense.

They are going to rebrand.

Instead of just something you need to have in case you die so your family is secure, they are going to try to convince the public that life insurance is a financial investment—something that will allow the policy-holder to hedge their bets in a risky economy and be certain they don't lose money while covering their butts.

This still might not make sense to you if you're not a finance guru, and that's okay! Because here's the bottom line for the consumer is coming up. Fast ball, down the middle. Hit it out of the park now!

It's never been a better time to buy life insurance.

They decrease in profits and the mass hiring of agents means one thing: they are as close as desperate to get you on a policy as they are likely to get. Given that Americans need life insurance more than ever before, you should be in the market.

You'll get a better price on good coverage than you have ever gotten in the past and are likely to get in the future as the economy recovers.

You don't have to talk to an agent though. Whittle the prices down even lower by comparing quotes online. Free life insurance quotes in this market will save you more money than you thought possible.

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