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Life Insurance Quotes For Individuals with Bipolar Disorder

People with mental health conditions or psychological disorders frequently struggle to get insurance, including life policies. One of the most common and misunderstood conditions is bipolar disorder. While less than 2.5% of the world population is diagnosed with bipolar disorder, this rate dramatically increases to nearly 4.5% in the U.S. Millions of Americans suffer from this condition. Because of the associated risks of suicide and substance abuse, insurers hesitate to offer coverage to individuals with bipolar disorder. Fortunately, you can still use life insurance quotes to find a quality policy.

Getting Coverage

You will be asked to answer specific medical questions when you get life insurance quotes. Answer questions truthfully and completely. If you have been hospitalized because of your condition, provide dates and locations of each admission. Include information about medications and other treatments you have had in the past or currently receive if asked to do so. Talk to your doctor in advance to learn about information they have included in your medical records. You do not want to be blindsided because of something your doctor writes or says when the insurer contacts them to verify details in your application.

Finding the Right Insurer

Just because it is difficult to get coverage if you have bipolar disorder, it does not mean you should buy a policy from the first insurer that approves your application. Use life insurance quotes to get offers from multiple insurance providers. Put simply, you want to compare as many options as possible before you buy this type of policy. Not only do you want to review policy terms and costs, but the reputation of the insurer is equally important. Buying a policy from a disreputable insurer is just a waste of money.

Taking Care of Yourself

You have a higher likelihood of getting approved if you can prove you are successfully managing your bipolar disorder. Keep all of your doctor appointments and take medications as prescribed. When you are able to control symptoms, you demonstrate you are at significantly less risk to engage in self-harming behavior. Avoiding hospitalizations is crucial if you want to qualify for a policy with a new insurer. Recent hospitalizations will be viewed more critically than those from years ago. Insurers also look at your employment record to determine if you have managed your disorder well enough to stay employed. Individuals who are on disability because of the severity of their bipolar disorder will find it most difficult to buy a policy.

While it is possible you may be denied life coverage, you can improve your chances by getting life insurance quotes from several leading insurers. Using online quotes sites to get these quotes is easy and convenient since you can request quotes any time you want. You can also review the quotes at your leisure. But do not take too long – your family should be protected in the event you die so they do not have to worry about finances in the midst of their grief. Buy a policy that, at minimum, pays for your funeral and replaces your income for several years.

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